Thursday, February 4, 2010

Young Jeezy (aka Lil'J): Thuggin' Under the Influence (2001)

Thuggin' Under the Influence (T.U.I.) is the debut album by Young Jeezy (at the time known as Lil' J) released in 2001.

1.  Intro
2.  Welcome
3.  Swerve (Ft. C-Dog From 404 Soldierz)
4.  Put Da Whip On It
5.  Long Days
6.  Watch What U Sayn (Ft. Fidank)
7.  Dubbs And Brikks (Ft. Kinky B)
8.  Tonite
9.  G.A. (Ft. Shawty Redd)
10.  Put Da Whip On It (Ft. Da Likk)
11.  Haters (Ft. Lil Jon)
12.  Right Here Right Now (Ft. Fidank And Chyna Whyte)
13.  Skit
14.  Freaky Thug (Ft. Charlie Jangles)
15.  Whatdaya Call Dat (Ft. Kinky B)
16.  Do That Shit (Ft. Bigg Boyz And Kinky B)
17.  Getcha Some Money (Ft. MS. Peaches)
18.  Dis Shawty Here


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