Sunday, September 11, 2016

Deadly Boy Roots (of MBK): Buck 85 (2007)

Buckest Nig** from Tennessee, dope! Everyone knows Deadly Boy. And if you don't, now ya do. The most popular member of the group MBK, Deadly Boy Roots has been putting it down since '98. Considered Da Buckest of Da Group, his hard hitting punchlines and gangsta lyrics gets you buck all day every day.

1. Intro - Phil D'z Beatz
2. Jump Back
3. Stay Focused ft. C-Reed
4. Gutta Wit It
5. 41-A ft. Pooh aka Lane Boy, Big Nut
6. Rockabye
7. Buck 85
8. Jaw Dat
9. Young Ni--a
10. Twisted Up ft. Yung Beatz aka YBZ, Smoke
11. Smokers & Drinkers Part 2 (F---ed Up) ft MDG aka Da Paperboy
12. Actin' Bad
13. Do What I Wanna Do
14. It Ain't Ez ft Get Rich
15. Peep Me Out
16. What Da F--- You Mean ft. MDG aka Da Paperboy , Yung Beatz aka Y
17. Time And Time Again
18. Outro - Yung Beatz aka YBZ

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