Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Choppa: Straight from the N.O. (2003)

  1.     I'mma Be Here
  2.     Represent Yo Block (featuring B.G. & Master P)
  3.     Straight from the N.O. (featuring Big Man)
  4.     Choppa Style (featuring Master P)
  5.     Dirty Dirty
  6.     Holla At Me (featuring Curren$y)
  7.     Brick Jungle
  8.     Keep It Poppin (featuring 5th Ward Weebie & Money)
  9.     Aaahhh (Oh Yeah)
  10.     Lookin' Good (featuring Jahbo)
  11.     Hatin (featuring Money & Hype)
  12.     Shake It Like That (featuring Curren$y)
  13.     Choppa Rock
  14.     Gettin' Money (featuring Curren$y)
  15.     Outro
  16.     Bonus Track #1 (featuring Master P & Curren$y)
  17.     Bonus Track #2 (featuring Big Ramp)

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  1. hi, this link don't work anymore it's deleted.....please fix it i'm searching a long time for this album...would you please fix it??


  2. Re-uped In 320 kbps…..Enjoy lol

  3. yeah yeah i know buth you have too listen too it youreself....there are tracks that are not comlete, in the middle it stops and go to the next one

  4. its not this version! its another RIP FROM MY CD! check this