Sunday, November 6, 2016

Kano: I Put It In (2011)

1. North Memphis Ni--a
2. Lookin' and Watchin' (feat. Mac Yo)
3. Hustle Hard (feat. P-Funk)
4. Play No Games (feat. Shana)
5. I'm Strait
6. South Sh-t (feat. J-Dogg & Shune P)
7. Knod Ya Head (feat. Solja & Mr. Gamp)
8. Somebody Hatin' (feat. Mac Yo)
9. Ghost Rida (feat. Solja & Shune P)
10. I Put It In
11. Like We Don't Know (feat. P-Funk)
12. Ain't Barin' That Sh-t
13. Lookin' Like a Movie Star (feat. Hopper)
14. Call Up My Hatas (feat. Shune P & Monti)
15. Drugs in My System (feat. Mac Yo)
16. Takin' It Ova (feat. Mac Yo & Solja)
17. North Memphis Anthem

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