Saturday, October 29, 2016

SO6IX (LocoDunit & Lil Infamous): Chapter 2 (2016)

1. M4L Intro (Prod. By Locodunit)
2. Night Time (Prod. By Locodunit)
3. Mask On Face (Prod. By Locodunit)
4. Where The Bud Feat. Lil Cas
5. Set Up Feat. Ant Dunit (Prod. By Boz)
6. Grip Da Burner (Prod. By Locodunit)
7. Beating Them Hoes Down (Prod. By Mr. Sisco)
8. Up The Unit (Prod. By Locodunit)
9. All My Niggas Feat. Ant Dunit (Prod. By Mr. Sisco)
10. Smoke Ah Blunt Feat. Ant Dunit (Prod. By Mr. Sisco)
11. I Can Tell (Prod. By Locodunit)
12. Drug House (Prod. By Locodunit)
13. Nobody Feat. Trigg Bambino & Rebelyus (Prod. By Mr. Sisco)
14. Turn It Out (Prod. By Boz)
15. Everybody Wants Her (Prod. By Boz)
16. Mafia Cypher (Bonus) Prod. By Mr. Sisco
17. We Run It (Bonus)

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