Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Seed of 6ix (SO6IX): The Dunigans (2017)

1. Blow Yo Ass Off Feat. Trigg Bambino (Prod. By Silk E)
2. 30's (Prod. By Locodunit)
3. War-Drobe (Prod. By J Will & Mark Jayco)
4. Murder (Prod. By Mr. Sisco)
5. Hit (Prod. By Lil Awree)
6. Ain Barrin Shit
7. Blownin (Prod. By Locodunit)
8. Datta Work (Prod. By BOZ)
9. Dirty
10. Dont Fold (Prod. By BOZ)
11. Dope Boy Shit (Prod. By BOZ)
12. Feaky Bih Feat. Trigg Bambino & Rebelyus (Prod. By DJ Fusion)
13. Party At The Mansion Feat. Juicy J (Prod. By Mr. Sisco & Musa Lynch)

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  1. Great record brate. Thank u a lot 4 this post. Iz Lil Loco an artist from Dj Pauls label Scale a ton ? Appreciate your work...keep it up homez...