Tuesday, February 28, 2017

M.C. Mack: Krunk Kreators (2017)

320kbps,  Memphis Kama Kazi Banga

01. Act a Fool (feat. Kano, T-Rock & TC)
02. Fuck wit Kamikaze (feat. Maven & Kano)|
03. Crunk Enough (feat. Solja & Kano)
04. U Dont Know Me
05. Talking Dat Shit
06. Inebriated (feat. Mac Yo)
07. No Surrender, No Retreat (feat. Scan Man)
08. Bout to Take Yo Life
09. Let’s Make a Stain (feat. La Chat)
10. Go to Church (feat. Gangsta Boo)
11. Break Yo Knees (Sequel)
12. Money Motivated (feat. Kingpin Skinny Pimp & Lord Infamous)
13. Made (feat. T-Rock)

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  1. Ohooooo new MC MACK...get that...thank u brate...great post

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