Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Saint Paul Kings: The Kingdom Comes (2017)

Dopest Album!!!

    1. Intro   
    2. Throw It In The Air (Feat. Malo 35..7 & Solo)   
    3. Dub Murda   
    4. In Saint Paul (Feat. Elishema Mannie)   
    5. Trifecta (Feat. Sleep Lyrical & Emce Damage)   
    6. Dont You Eva Stop   
    7. The Oculus (Feat. Ikisbeatz)   
    8. Murder Musick-The Cypher (Feat. Sleep Lyrical, Solo, Malo 35..7, Hurricane, Legion, Emce Damage, Playboy The Beast, Maniphest Destne, Ztarve, Danny Drive By, Killa Khaos & D-Spillz)   
    9. Lyrical Warfare (Feat. Playboy The Beast)   
    10. Stone Cold Killas   
    11. Roll Like A Soldier (Feat. Doe Joe, Jax One, Mig, Tone 2 Da G & Mariana)   
    12. WW3 (The Kindom Comes) [feat. Kamakazi, Malo 35..7, Twisted Insane, Sleep Lyrical, Liquid Assassin, King Sandman, Playboy The Beast, Hurricane, King I.S.O, Emce Damage, Dieabolik The Monster & Solo]       
    13. So Sexy   
    14. The Blueprint (Feat. Maniphest Destne)   
    15. What We Do (Feat. Juan Gotti & Y.O)   
    16. Drippin In Gold   
    17. Cash Flow   

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  1. Bratan this record looks sick sick sick...iam excited az fukk to listen to this. Good lookin brate.